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Tracking down leaks, fight against waste, what solution?

The Blog of Sustainable Living devotes an article to the fight against waste and talking about Hydrelis solution...

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Blog de l'Habitat Durable



Wize Alliance

Since 2019 Hydrelis is a proud member of the Wize Alliance.

Wize is an IOT LPWAN technology based on European Standard and made for hard to reach areas.

Wize Alliance

Since 2019 Hydrelis is a proud member of the Lora Alliance.

LoRaWAN is an IOT LPWAN technology designed from the bottom up to optimize LPWANs for battery lifetime, capacity, range, and cost.



Hydrelis at Business Club Channel

Business Club

Hurry now and watch one of these podcast in Business Club of France...

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Hydrelis in France 3 Newscast

Tales and interviews in the newscast...

Hydrelis on Europe 1

Hydrelis is a tribute on Europe 1...

Hydrelis competed at Trophies SMEs “Bougeons-nous” contest show presented by RMC.

Trophée PME Bougeons-nous

Hydrelis is nominated for Innovate SMEs. A Water Break allows €200 million in saving for municipal offices in France.

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A Trophy for Hydrelis

Trophée des Objets Connectés

Hydrelis won the award for energy conservation and the environment at the ceremony Connected Objects Trophy 2014 in Paris in the "Maison connectée"

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Press review

Hydrelis, the first Water Breaker

Special file in the magazine Maison & Jardin. "Energy Efficiency, trendy allies."

Source : Maison & Jardin l'essentiel (22 Janvier 2015)

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Hunting wasting

After public lighting, it is now the water expenses that will be scrutinized

Source : La Voix du Nord (27 Novembre 2014)

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A Stop-Flow ingenious water saving

The Clip-Flow and Stop-Flow awesome stand-alone devices that act on the water pipes as an intelligent valve.

Source : La Gazette Nord - Pas de Calais (25 Novembre 2014)

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Stop the leaks

Stop-Flow works as a simple electrical circuit breaker. (Read page 4)

Source : Edomus (Novembre-Décembre 2014)

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A water breaker at home

After fitting the biggest signs, Hydrelis now for individuals.

Source : La Semaine dans le Boulonnais (5 Novembre 2014)

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Drinking water systems: instrument to optimize operations

More open, more autonomous, more communicative and less expensive, many facilities are converging to optimize network operation.

Source : L'eau, l'industrie, les nuisances (Octobre 2014)

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Simple solutions for a virtuous water management

Hydrelis the company has developed a water breaker that automatically detects and stops leaks. Presentation of a French innovation.

Source : Europe parlementaire (N°20, Juillet - Août - Septembre 2014)

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France Telecom reduced its bill by 30%

Responsible for the management of real estate of France Telecom in Rhône-Alpes, Pascal Debros fight against water waste successfully.

Source : Environnement Magazine (N°1703, Décembre 2011)

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Press releases

Hydrelis began marketing the Stop-Flow from individuals

After winning the professional market, Hydrelis began marketing the Stop-Flow from individuals.

Date : Octobre 2014

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Hydrelis raises €2.3 million

The French start-up Hydrelis, inventor of the water circuit breaker, welcomes its capital Cape Horn Invest as part of a fundraiser 2.3 million.

Date : Décembre 2013

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France Telecom holds Hydrelis to manage its water consumption

By using Hydrelis, France Telecom confirms its commitment to an active policy of water consumption management.

Date : Octobre 2011

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