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  • Proximity
  • Open water
    if present
  • Turn off the
    water after
  • Autonomous

Sanitary monitoring

The Sensi-Flow is a device, which is specifically intended to manage sanitary water consumption. It allows entry and exit without having to think about water.

It is composed of a water breaker linked to a motion detector and works on easily replaceable long-lasting lithium batteries.

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Simplicity and efficiency

Practical and easy to assemble. It opens the water supply of the sanitary facility in case of motion detection and automatically closes thanks to an adjustable delay when the motion can no longer be detected.

If necessary, it functions with several detectors which can be adapted to the configuration of the venue: offices, apartment blocks or houses.


An environmentally friendly solution

The Sensi-Flow responds accurately to Breeam norm environmental qualification requirements.

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To try it is to take it on...

Major retailers have equipped themselves with Sensi-Flow.