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  • Reliable
  • Leak-proof
  • Wired or
  • Autonomous

Adapted to professionals

Adjusted to the expectations of professionals, the water breaker SWITCH-FLOW® automatically cuts the inflow of water in case of leakage or pipe bursts.

It is adapted to all surface areas: offices, isolated sites and communities...


Functioning of the water breaker SWITCH-FLOW®

The water break is also equipped with functions adapted to professional needs, notably: daily volume limitation, time programmed opening and closing.


Autonomous and connected

The water breaker SWITCH-FLOW® can be used in autonomous or connected mode.
To control from a distance, Hydrelis offers different options for Internet or technical building management connection.

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Simplicity and reliability

Easy to install, the water breaker SWITCH-FLOW® does not need wiring or electricity supply.

Hydrelis guarantees live monitoring and reliable results.


With the water breaker SWITCH-FLOW®, reduce consumption and save up to 50% on your water bill.

Remote Control

Remotely control the water supply via the Hydrelis application to optimize the water consumption of your insulated buildings and sites...


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