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What is a water breaker ?

A water breaker is a protective device whose function is to automatically shut off the water in case of abnormal consumption.

According to its design, it can monitor one or more parameters of a water line.

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What does a Water breaker do ?

The water breaker is able to detect leakage, valve not closed, poorly engaged flush or any other event which may result in overconsumption.

It is thus designed to prevent the risk of flooding and protect your property and your facilities.

It also helps to save money and avoid unpleasant surprises if invisible leak.

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How does a Water Breaker operate ?

During the first days following its installation, the water breaker analyzes and records your consumption habits.

Once analysis is complete, the water breaker is able to adapt to the user's profile and cut the water supply in seconds upon detection of unusual consumption.

Simply pressing the control button to re-Inrush water supply.

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How to hook up the Water Breaker ?

The water breaker usually arises after the water meter, directly on a pipeline, or possibly in a table when installing multiple devices.

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How do I install the Water Breaker ?

The water breaker can be installed by a professional or an individual with some plumbing skills.

Download the installation guide for du Stop-Flow

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How much can I save ?

Hydrelis integrated technology enables a global view and control your consumption. With real-time monitoring, water breaker notably enables the monthly consumption reports. For professionals, it is even possible to make a weekly or daily monitoring.

By comparing your consumption to those of other users and applying personalized advice, you can save an average of 40% on your water bill.

At Hydrelis, we encourage our customers to consume wisely and educate our partners so together we can preserve these resources and fight against waste.

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